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"The Story Of O (onyxx)"
Here's a special case study, a young woman aged 23 by the name of Onyxx.  She was introduced through a friend and we just knew what it was from the start. Once she mentioned she was submissive, I had to test her because words are just words.  I brought my boy Jaxx in as a stunt dick to text her out.  She clamied she couldn't take big dick but we will see. The important part is that she listens well.  After a brief spanking fro showing up late, I instructed her to suck dick.  She did an excellent job so I let her put it in her. She moaned like a virgen until told her take it out and put it back in.  She did everything Daddy said and took 3 loads. 1 in her mouth 2 in her twat.  We will definitely see her progression as I train her to my standards.
"Cherri Blaq Trained Hard"
She was one of the best to come through. Shy, submissive and love dick.  She wanted a little rough play so I brought my man JS to train tht throat and pussy.  Man let me tell you, he showed her what this gane is about.  He turnt up on her and she dam near tapped out.  But she was a good slut and did exactly what she was told to do.  This will happen to be her very last scene, filmed over a year ago maybe 2.  Enjoy this slut because you wont get another like her guaranteed.
"Laylani Returns For Training"
She was here a long time ago and some how vanished, she re appears on the scene a whole new woman.  Ready to be trained finally, so I called my boy Jaxx in for some serious bbc training, and she was a very obedient girl and even took a heavy load in her pussy.  No complaints from me,  we will see how she does on her next mission
"Intense Anal Training For Ebony Lust"
Ebony Lust been with the camp for awhile now, she's been trained on and off camera by numerous male talent from dirty vision. This is one of her early videos when she 1st appeared on the scene. Mr. Jay is the anal master so I let him do the honors of opening that ass.  Although reluctant, she gave in and got stretched. It was a struggle for her becauseof the thickness of the dick but nonetheless, Mr Jay got it in and worked it till she could barely take it. When it was all said and done this 19 yr old sub's ass was split open. One cumshot on her face and one creampie. A great night indeed.
Added July 23rd 2018